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Welcome to Lucky-Lucy, where your design dreams come to life. We're more than just a brand; we're your first step on an exhilarating journey through the world of interior design. As a sister company to All-in-Line, we share a common vision: We want you to feel completely at home in your own space.

Not a Newcomer, but an Experienced Innovator

We're not a startup finding its way. We're part of an established corporate group that has been active in the engineering sector for almost 40 years.

Our latest passion is interior design, and although we're relatively new to this field, we bring our decades-long expertise in engineering and innovation. This allows us to offer individual and unique living solutions that stand out significantly from mass-produced goods.

Why Lucky-Lucy?




Exclusivity that Stands Out

We collaborate with manufacturers that are known locally or regionally but are still real insider tips in the design world. Our carefully curated collection allows you to design your home with unique and high-quality pieces that not everyone has.

Individuality is the New Luxury

We believe that the era of mass-produced goods is over. More and more people are looking for individual furnishing solutions that reflect their personality. What the neighbors, friends, or relatives have is out. With us, you'll find products as unique as you are.

Our Connection to All-in-Line

We're proud to be part of the All-in-Line family, a brand known for the highest quality and tailor-made interior design. While All-in-Line might be the ultimate destination of your design journey, Lucky-Lucy is the perfect starting point. We offer you the opportunity to discover and develop your personal style without compromising on quality and design.

Your Journey Has Just Begun

With Lucky-Lucy, you're always one step ahead. We accompany you on your journey through different phases of life and offer solutions that grow with you. And when you're ready for the next step, All-in-Line is there to elevate you to a new level.

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